RV4CampfireFamily is proud to partner with the following organizations.


Coalitions & Colaboratives

COCO, a 501 c 3 non-profit fosters collaborative conservation initiatives across the United States. COCO works to protect communities from the wildfire that will happen and responds after the fire has occurred.  COCO, a national leader in wildfire mitigation and wildfire recovery, believes that groups of people working together have the best chance of addressing complex problems. No single individual, business, organization, or government can fix the difficulties facing our planet and its people. By working together, a robust mixture of stakeholders can actually drive positive change, mitigate challenges, and build resiliency for society.  COCO mentors placed based collaborative organizations and provide financial, technical, and staff support. COCO works to support organizations that address local conservation issues with an inclusive community-based approach. To learn more about COCO, inc,  please visit