We have placed 49 families in donated RVs since Thanksgiving 2018. If you lost your home in the Paradise CA wildfires please read our eligibility requirements below to apply for an RV through RV4CampfireFamily:


We welcome applications from all Campfire victims and prioritize vulnerable cases including the following:

  • Families with small children

  • Families living in shelters/cars

  • Veterans

  • First responders

  • People with medical issues

  • Renters with no insurance


We connect RV donors with families who lost their homes in the November 2018 Campfire in Paradise CA. In order to receive trailer/RV/5th wheel families agree to send the following upon receipt of vehicles:

  • Photo of themselves with the donated vehicle

  • Photo of the signed title in their name


All families requesting assistance from our program are vetted for eligibility to ensure that they are actually families that lived in Paradise CA who lost their homes in the Campfire. The following eligibility documents must be received from families prior to assigning to a donated RV.

  1. Photo of drivers licenses of all adult family members

  2. Photo of the family together (all members that will live in the household)

  3. Photo of FEMA eligibility letter

  4. Photo of utility bill in family name with Paradise address

  5. Signed liability release

  6. Documentation of veteran, first responder, medical issue status if applicable

  7. Location where family will receive the vehicle. If families do not have a park identified please consult this guide of RV parks in the region.  We have volunteers who have offered to assist to move trailers to these parks.